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    The Team Vark Shirts

    Team Vark is TEAM training. Everyone who registers will receive an honorary Team Vark podium shirt from Brooks. (Formally known as the Team Vark Finisher shirt)

    We will ask your shirt size when you register. The shirts are available in both women's and men's styles.

    You will receive your team shirt early in the training season. Not immediately after you register. We will notify you in the weekly emails.

    To reduce waste, we will be ordering the exact amount of Team Vark podium shirts in the style and size you request. There is no guarantee we will be able to do a size swap.


    Varksity Jacket

    Team Vark is TEAM training. We encourage everyone to physically show up to the Saturday morning runs to get the full benefit of Team Vark.

    The Varksity Jacket is for the folks who are able to make that commitment.

    The rules are simple:
    - Attend 10 out of the 15 Saturday morning runs departing from Aardvark at 7:30 am.
    - Start and finish with the team.
    - Attendance is on the honor system and can be submitted in response to the weekly emails. You are responsible for filling out your attendance. (People will notice if you did not attend the runs but still get a jacket. Please avoid making it awkward.)
    - No exceptions, including vacation, injury, sickness, races, etc.
    - Wednesday night runs or any other run/event, unless otherwise stated in the weekly emails, do not count towards attendance.
    - You cannot buy it.

    We will have sample sizes for you to try on during the training season to guarantee the right fit. They will be unisex sizing.

    The Varksity Jacket will be available sometime after the training season ends. Your size selection and attendance is very important. We will not be able to exchange size, or give you one if you forget to fill out the attendance sheet.


    Other Team Vark Swag

    You'll also have the opportunity to get lots of other Team Vark swag such as hoodies, hats, buffs, etc. Some items are free, some are available for purchase. Keep up to date with the weekly emails so you know when you can get what!

    This merchandise is exclusive to Team Vark members. However, you can purchase it for friends and family! Who doesn't want to wear their favorite team swag while cheering?!

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