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    • Monthly Public Trail Runs/Hikes
    • Once a month we will offsite and hitting the local trails.  
    • Location, Date & Time information can be found on our App, Facebook Group or below!
      • What kind of shape do you have to be in?  While there is a party pace, a fast pace, and folks in between, we try to stick together the best we can.  We recommend being able to comfortably run 4 road miles before joining the group.  If you are unable to do that, but still want to show up to say hello and go on your own adventure, that’s cool too!  Safety is #1.  We will be out in the woods, so please know your limits.
      • Bring your own water & snacks.
      • What kind of shoes do you need?   Trail shoes are very much recommended.  Trails shoes offer more protection, grip, & comfort.  These  can be purchased at Aardvark! 
      • Any questions, please email sales@aardvarksportsshop.com.

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