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    Team Vark 2023 Coming Soon...

    Meanwhile, here is a little info about our Training Groups.


    • 5k Group ($65):

      The 5k group is perfect for beginners ("Couch to 5k") or for folks chasing after their 5k PR. You'll get incredible support and running tips from our 5k Team Coach & staff!  You will receive a detailed training program that includes a four day a week, 15 week, workout schedule.


    • Half Marathon Group ($75):

      We recommend that you have comfortably finished a 10k within a year of registering for this program.  All runs are staffed to help set a pace and motivate you!  You will receive a detailed training program that includes a five day a week, 16 week workout schedule.  We offer random tips here and there, but this program is not as coached as the 5k.    Please ask the staff or fellow teammates if you have any questions!!  We're all here to help and have fun!  Long runs for the half marathon training are completed from Aardvark Saturday mornings.


    Both 5k and Half groups meet at Aardvark every Saturday to depart for the run @ 7:30am.


    Registration is required to enjoy all the benefits one of which is a store discount through the duration of the training.


    You can run with us as a guest! No need to pre-register, but we do ask that you check in and sign a waiver. Just look for a "Vark Staff" member and they'll give you the scoop!


    Ask to join our Team Vark Facebook Page. Please direct all questions to teamvark@aardvarksportsshop.com, as social media posts can get lost or answered incorrectly by non-staff members.


    Please email teamvark@aardvarksportsshop.com if you have any questions!



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