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    Q:  I am not getting the weekly emails.

    A:  There are several reason why you're not getting the emails:

    • Our email could be in your spam / promotion folders.  This is about 90% of the problem.
    • You unsubscribed to other Aardvark emails.
    • We have the wrong email on file. 
    • You did not register for Team Vark.
    • Gremlins are in the system. We'll do our best to get rid of them!

    The Fix:


    Q:  What if I can’t make the 7:30am runs on Saturday?

    A:  Team Vark is team training.  We highly recommend attending the weekly runs so you can enjoy all the benefits of Team Vark.  We take attendance for these runs.  To earn the shirt, you must physically attend 8 of the first 11 weeks during the  out of 15 group runs.  Click here for more information.  


    Q:  What if I have a family emergency, or get injured?

    A:  We understand that things happen!  Please email teamvark@aardvarksportsshop.com and let us know what’s going on.  Injured?  You can cut back your training by moving into the 10k or 5k group.

    Q:  Where do I park?

    A:  Check out this free parking map & info. ← recommended.  Metered parking throughout town.  Meters start at 8am.  Two parking garages.  North Street Parking Garage & Walnut Street Parking Garage


    Q:  What if I'm not running the same races that Team Vark is training for?

    A:  That's no problem!  Although we strongly encourage everyone to register for one (or more) of the Bethlehem Run Festival races, it is not a requirement.  You can still join the runs and enjoy all the membership benefits.  You will have to adjust your own training plan.  

    Q:  What if I can't follow the mid week training plan?

    A:  There is no "one size fits all training plan".  You do not have to follow ours!  You can add or subtract days as you see fit.  Listen to your body!  There are a lot of great books and training plans out there.  Play around and see what's right for you.  Remember we are here to help!!  Ask one of the staff, or a fellow teammate.


    Q:  Do I have to have running experience to join Team Vark?

    A:  We welcome all paces and experience levels!  Our 5k program is best for beginners.  We recommend that you have comfortably completed a 10k within a year before registering for the Half training. 

    Q:  Can you mail my shirts and/or gift certificate?

    A:  We do not mail out the shirts, but you can have a friend pick them up!  Please email teamvark@aardvarksportsshop.com if you have any questions.


    Q:  Why do the runs start so early?

    A:  Less traffic = safer.  Beat the heat.  Race days usually start early in the morning; this will condition your body to run early in the morning.


    Q:  Why do you only communicate through email?

    A:  Not everyone has social media.  Questions can get lost on social media, and sometimes answers from non Team Vark admin can be incorrect.  Emails contain exclusive information for your training.  


    Q:  Can I change training plans during the season?  Can I switch to and from 5k, 10k, or Half?

    A:  We hope that you ultimately find the right program for you, but you can switch training program

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