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    Weekly Group Runs & Walks

    Public group runs and walks are held every Wednesday @ 6:00pm

    * Check our Events Calendar in the App, below and/or on the Team Vark Facebook Page for shoe testing, raffles, and more!

    * No registration needed - just show up!

    * Typical distance 3 to 5 miles.
    * All paces welcome!
    * Routes are posted on the Team Vark Facebook Group every Tuesday.

    These walks are lead by *VOLUNTEERS* - a million thanks to them!
    It's a very casual group! Route and duration can be discussed with the group before and/or during the walk. They are usually 30-45 minutes, which will get you a little more than one mile.

    A great activity for the family! Take in Historic Bethlehem's beauty and have dinner at one of many amazing restaurants.

    Routes are kid and pet friendly!

    We will do our best to make the routes stroller and wheelchair friendly. Please know your abilities with sidewalks and hills.

    Team Vark Facebook Page

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